Charge Point Beginner: What to Consider in Order to Provide Electric Vehicle Charging for Employees

Your CEO has sent the email. You must provide charge points for employees, visitors and the public, as part of the move to Net Zero and to meet your company’s environmental goals. The problem is you are already overworked, and really don’t know where to begin with this process. Here are some of our thoughts on how to start solving this issue for yourself and the company you work for.

Do not try do it yourself. Charge points, electric vehicles and green transport are fast developing sectors; trying to get up to date would be a huge challenge. Let the people already in the sector guide and help you.

How many of these things do I need? We recommend taking a look at how many staff have EV’s, talk to your fleet manager about their plans and go from there. All our systems are expandable for future needs (and we often find with clients that a new order will arrive less than a year after initial install). There were 8,000 new home chargers installed last year and this number is expected to double in 2022, and these numbers don’t include apartments. Room to grow is essential and we will provide that. It also means your charge point service can grow within annual budgets.

How much will it cost? Be prepared for complexity here. There is not just the initial install cost to consider. There are ways to put in charge points less expensively at the install stage, but if you want the long term costs (service, support and power management) to remain easily managed and clear, you might have to invest more at this initial stage.

Do I have enough electricity for this? Maybe? In order to provide charge, there are minimum levels of supply you require. If you don’t have this there are a number of different options for solving that problem. They include, increasing your supply through the network, installing solar or wind generation on site, using after hours power storage to supplement day time supply. This may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be and many of the best solutions will help meet carbon neutrality and green goals.

What if our needs change? Future proofing the hardware and software we use is part of our mission. It’s not very environmentally friendly if you have to replace a bunch of charge points in order to expand your charge point offering. Our systems are designed to work with different models, and modes of charge point, to integrate with new technology and meet the highest industry standards. You need to look for this with all the technology you are choosing for your environmental projects.

These are just a starting point for what you might consider. If you’d like a longer talk about what you should be thinking about, drop us a line at or through our contact form below. We’ll set you up with a call with a specialist to talk you through it all

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