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Apartment EV Charging: How can we manage power costs when providing EV charge points at our apartment block?

Let us introduce you to our simple straight forward EV charge point billing and remittance solution.

The ever growing cost of power is of concern to all of us. With people charging from building supply, building managers are understandably concerned about running up large power bills and then having a hard time recovering those costs from residents. The most straight forward way to protect yourself from those hassles is to hand them over to us.

Billing: Our systems, directly charge users at the point of use, thus preventing any unpaid bills and any issues recouping the cost of charging. We then collate all the month’s charges and forward the payments directly to you, along with a detailed report. We can also provide you with a login to the recording and reporting systems for your charge points, so you can monitor use in real time and verify your income and power use.

Changing Power Costs: If power charges fluctuate, we can put in place updated tariffs that cover that cost immediately or limit hours of use, all of which will protect you from users defaulting on payment and you being left with a hefty bill.

Different Users: We can also create tariffs that apply to specific users. For example we can set up the system so that residents or staff, can be at a lower rate than the general public or businesses in the case of mixed use developments.

Required Staffing: Of course all these systems also prevent you from needing your own billing systems and a person to manage those systems. Our reporting and remittances can be easily manged by existing accounting or facilities staff, or by the building management committee.

As you can see our system is designed to make ongoing costs and billing as easy, and straight forward for you to deal with as possible. We will set all this up for you from the start.

If you are interested in this kind of EV charge point solution or would just like to find out more please fill on the contact form below, or  email sales@glenev.com and we will be in touch.

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