Apartment Buildings and Multi home Developments

We are the largest provider of charging solutions for mangers and residents of apartments in Ireland.

If you’re living in an apartment or you are responsible for the smooth operation of an entire block, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of considerations you’re facing when you want to make EV charging available in your car park.  Fear not!  GEV are the largest provider of apartment solutions in Ireland and are happy to share our experience . Our units are operating in apartment complexes across the country including Clancy Quay , Clongriffin, Oak View, Swiss Cottage, West Park and Cheevers Court.


We can provide solutions that include:

  • Complete service from needs assessment to provision and operation of charging infrastructure
  • Pick and choose service where you tell us the essentials you need
  • Integration with utility billing provider & cost recovery for Landlord electricity supply
  • Financed solution to reduce the cost of ownership to less than €2 per day
  • Smart energy management of chargers to protect building power supply
  • Simple user experience
  • User online account reports and management; e.g. employer expense claim.
  • Staff, resident and visitor charge rates can be set according to your preference.
  • Join our growing network of public chargers, make your charger available to all, or just so selected users can check availability.

If you’d like us to quote, please fill in our customer inquiry form or send us an email to sales@glenev.com

Start your electrification journey with us!