Providing smart, cost efficient, future proof, bespoke vehicle charging solutions for industry, commerce, and construction.

From the beginning of to the end of your journey we are with you.

Consultation our expert team will help you make the smartest choices about the smartest technology for your future. We help you address infrastructure requirements, identify which vehicles can be converted now without loss of function, RoI justification and the various bits of new technology that complete your investment.

Fleet management systems that will support you as you make the change, helping you manage all vehicle types and minimising your business’s emissions. We provide complete solutions that connect home, office and depot charging along with a host of other essential features.

Smart cost saving technologies, our technology will tell you the when, the how, the where and the what of every charge or refuel and make it the most cost and time efficient charge possible. Our technology can help you find the lowest cost of electricity, combine all charging onto one bill and a host of other must haves.

Neat good looking chargers – we can brand them with your logo if you want or keep them as discrete as possible.  Whatever your need from fast AC to rapid DC, we have charging systems that suit your eye and your budget.

Energy management –  Your electrical infrastructure will face greater and more complex demands when you electrify your fleet.  Our sophisticated load management solutions help you work within your MIC and avoid any nasty surprises.

Future proof solutions – Our expert team crafts a solution that can grow and develop with your business and we provide up to 5 year warranties with our products.

These solutions work whatever your sector, construction, finance, property management, education, local authority, retail, public transport, whatever you do we can provide the electric charging solution for you.  Come talk to us when you’re ready.
Glen EV can support you across your business to help you meet the increasing pressures on business to make the change to electric vehicles. This will help your net zero and ISO 5001 standard in house initiatives to go green and reduce the carbon generated by your transport assets.