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EV Fleets: How Can Our Drivers Increase Range and Care for their EV’s Battery

Every vehicle manufacturer wants to be able say their model can go the furthest. The factors that go in to making an EV go for miles are more than just the theoretical life of your battery. No matter the range in the brochure there are steps that your drivers and logistics team can take to increase the range and the life of an EV’s battery

So these are the things we suggest are considered to help increase that range and be kind to the vehicles battery:

  • Seasonality: There will be a WLTP rating on all electric vehicles vehicle indicating what range to expect (e.g. 500kms). An EV will travel further in summer when battery is warm (less heating and lights on) than it will in winter. Be aware of difference when weather is cold.
  • Weight: It takes more energy to carry a heavy load, so if an EV is full, then it won’t travel as far on a charge as it would when it’s a lighter load. This is something for your logistics team to consider when loading EV delivery vehicles. It might make more sense to deliver the heaviest load first, rather than the closest on the route.
  • Speed: We are sure that some of your driver’s laugh at the notion of having to worry about speed, given the return of traffic. But speeds above 100km/h will degrade your battery reserve quicker than speeds below, they will also make sure that driving penalties are avoided. .
  • Planning: Research your route, if you’re going beyond your range then make sure there is a live charge point on the way. We’ve just launched our own app (GEVTopUP) for customers with public charge points who want to appear on a public charging network and are too small to do it themselves. Regardless of that, plan where you can charge on those long journeys and we hope that very soon you’ll see us adding useful sites around the country. A good app to download is ZapMap which list our and most other publicly available charge points around Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and Europe. (
  • Too much sun!: If the weather is warm (oh to have such problems), if possible avoid leaving the EV in direct sunlight, keeping a battery cool avoids drain.
  • Level of recharge: Battery life can be extended if you keep the charge between 20% and 80% most of the time.
  • Chargers: A smart charger that allows you control the time, rate and level of your charge will allow you make sure you have enough juice to get where you need to.

Of course charge is our business so get in touch with the form below or email when your upgrading your fleet to electric.

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