Public Charging

We differentiate ourselves by providing innovative and easy to use solutions to our customers in the provision and operation of public charging facilities.  Because our solutions are attractive and easy to use, our customers have the highest occupancy of charging infrastructure.
Join our fast growing network of public chargers, GEV Top Up. This solution can make it possible to provide the public with up to date availability for your charger, or can be provided so only selected users can see your location. Our GEV Top Up app, is easy to use and our control centre makes cost recovery as straightforward as possible.

Benefits of GEV Top UP Solutions:

  • Income generation with each transaction
  • Load balancing technology
  • Simple billing management
  • Live availability information for users
  • Remote troubleshooting for you
  • Easy payment process for users
  • Competitive pricing options
  • and more…

We can also provide packages for staff vehicles, charging at home and at work, taking advantage of the extension of the SEAI grant for homeowners.

If you’d like to know more email to and one of our team will be in touch.