We supply full range of chargers, solar panels, batteries for energy storage, remote monitoring software, grid buy back and finance options


Pump in anywhere from 20 to 100 km per hour added charge into your fleet with a full range of stylish, reliable and smart chargers.

Our fleet chargers are all monitored remotely, can restrict who uses them and can take payment from Visa, Mastercard, Loyalty cards or mobile apps.


Storing the energy you generate from solar can save up to 75% from your electricity bills as well as being kind to the environment.

Energy use and solar generation tend to be at different times of the day and so it makes sense to store the electricity you generate and draw it down when you need it. Anything you don’t need, we have very smart solutions where you can sell it back to the grid.

Solar Panels

It makes sense to generate your own energy to charge your fleet, thus reducing your costs dramatically. We supply the latest in Solar technology that’s suitable for EV use.

Smart IoT

Your chargers, batteries and solar panels need to be able to talk to you individually, or collectively, so that you can monitor and control usage. We supply a range of mobile and web apps far 24/7 access and monitoring.


If you generate your own electricity and store it in batteries, there may be time in the day when you want to sell or buy from the grid. We enable these sophisticated solutions that lower your cost of ownership and create unexpected income streams.


If you have chargers distributed across different locations, we can provide a monitoring and support service where we keep and eye on them and either fix any problems remotely or, send an engineer out.


In order to get the maximum benefit from your capital investment, you may want to avail of our lease options which give you all the benefits of ownership for a small daily cost of €1.50 per charger, per day.


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