Take the next step with the GlenEV range of smart energy solutions. Save time, money and the environment!


The vast majority of our chargers are intelligent, just like you if you chose to deal with us! Dumb chargers, which you’ll find from a lot of suppliers, don’t talk to you or the grid or the user. Not good!


A Battery needs to know a lot of information, like when and where you want to use the energy it stores, which source to recharge from, and if it’s a good time to sell it back to grid and earn you some useful income.


You can’t tell from the heat of the sun if an individual solar panel is charging or how much electricity it’s generating. However, smart solar panels from GlenEV do talk to our software and allow you to monitor and control that wonderful free electricity, compliments of the sun.


No point in having all that intelligence in your solution without a friendly mobile or web App that is simple and easy to use.


As with all our products, if your capital expenditure is too heavy for your budgets, we have some flexible finance options that have very attractive daily costs and make everything work.


If you have too much going on, you may want us to remotely monitor how everything is working and make sure it gets help when it needs it.

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We offer a full range of connected solutions to bring all of your EV use online.
Monitor, analyse and control your EV world with our range of mobile and web solutions.

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