I recently purchased a charger from Glen EV and found their service and customer care top notch. 

The installation was a little awkward for the installer due to the distance of the fuse box to the site of the charger at the front of the house so I was a bit concerned about how it would be finished. I didn’t need to worry as the GlenEV installer was very obliging and did a very neat job. 

A good mark of any company is how they react when things don’t go to plan.  While the charge point was being installed, my wife needed the car and wasn’t able to wait to until the job was finished.  The job was completed in her absence and I was assured it would be OK. It’s wasn’t! The car wasn’t taking the charge.  I contacted Glen EV and they took action immediately and sorted it out within 48 hours.  All has been fine ever since and charging is so simple. 

I’d recommend them highly as I felt I was in safe hands right throughout the process.


BarryThe Owner - Renault Zoe, Wicklow

Install of Staff EV Chargers at Applegreen HQ

“Thank you and the team at Glen EV for the really professional job you did installing 4 * EV chargers for Applegreen at our Parkwest HQ.

The entire instillation process was very professional and many of our staff have commented on how well the new chargers look.”

Joe O’Mahony

Applegreen, Head of EV, Ireland

EdwardThe Owner - Electric Vehicle, Meath

An EO Smart Home owner and was having some problems with their wifi connection, and we were able to help resolve that quickly and with minimal disruption to the client.

Thanks for coming out tonight, that’s great service.

… and will recommend you where I can.

PaulThe Owner - BMW, Tinahealy, Wicklow