Public Charging Services

When you need EV drivers to pay for the electricity you’re providing, talk to GlenEV about the range of products and services we can support you with for public charging.

Easy to use

Not much point in providing a public charging facility if drivers find it too difficult to use.  With our payment charge point information system that drivers can easily access on their phone in seconds of arriving at the charger, you’ll see higher utilisation from our intuitive interface. 

Flexible Tariffs

Instead of charging one flat rate for electricity, we can adjust our pricing to meet different needs. For example, we can charge per kilowatt-hour, and even add an extra fee for drivers who overstay in the charging bay after their car is charged. This flexibility ensures that no matter how the market changes, we can adapt our pricing to suit your needs.

Big or Small

No matter your budget, we can offer public chargers that are economically sensible. Whether it’s AC or DC, single or dual socket, we’ll deliver and manage them for you while you retain control. You own the chargers and keep the profits while we handle the technical aspects.

Available & Working

Public chargers don’t earn money and don’t provide a service when they’re not working, so with our 24 hour monitoring service and team of electricians, we’ll make sure our reliable products stay reliable, stay working and stay earning their keep.

GEV TopUp App

Through our bespoke app GEV Top UP we have made a significant impact on Irelands public charging network. If you have a space where you would like to make public charging available, we can make your vision a reality.


Our GEV Top Up app, is easy to use and our control centre makes cost recovery as straightforward as possible. Benefits of creating a public charging network on GEV Top UP are:

  • Income generation with each transaction
  • Load balancing technology
  • Simple billing management
  • Live availability information for users
  • Remote troubleshooting for you
  • Easy payment process for users
  • Competitive pricing options

How can we help?

Fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you within 24hrs or simply email us at