Residential Charging


EV Charge point community and private systems with payment collection and individual ownership of EV Chargers.

New Housing Developments

Following building guidelines we help future proof residential EV charging with low cost compliance for developers.

Maximising Grants

The SEAI grant offers up to 80% of the cost to retrofit apartments. Let us help you maximise your grants.

Our Services

How are charging sessions paid for?

You own the charger, you set the tariff for people to purchase electricity and we collect the payments and reimburse the account of the OMC. Simple, hassle free, accurate and it works. You keep the profits, we do the work.

How do we plan for the future?

Our Bespoke product allows for up to 101 units on the same circuit. This means that you can build for maximum capacity but install based upon demand. In other words, build now and buy later.

Who owns the chargers?

Parking bays were assigned to apartment deeds long before Electric Vehicles needed to charge in them and we provide a unique solution that allows the apartment owner to have their own charger, that only they can use

Can you help me with the grant process?

GlenEV are an approved CPO for the apartment grant and we offer a range of services to ensure you maximise what your entitled to and reduce the administration overhead to a minimum.

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