Fleet Charging

Fleet Migration

Converting your fleet of cars and vans to electric is a daunting challenge for most companies.  Will your vehicles have access to the proper charging infrastructure, whether it’s at your office, depot, at the drivers homes or on the road?  Glen EV are the leading supplier of charging solutions to electric fleets and provide a one stop shop to solving those problems and providing you with a convenient and capable charging infrastructure that can grow with your needs as they grow.  We assess, design, install, operate and support the most comprehensive charging infrastructure for some of the largest companies in Ireland.   Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Fleet Home Charging

80% of vehicles with an electric plug will charge at home. It makes sense after all to have the convenience of your vehicle charging while you relax at home and to be able to charge at the cheapest rate. The issue for the home driver is how will they get compensated and how do they know it’s the correct amount. GEV have the most convenient and accurate compensation method for drivers where we pay their utility provider directly for the electricity used to charge the company vehicle. No admin, no hassle and accurate every time.

Business Charging

Whether it’s to charge the companies own fleet of EV’s or provide a service for employees and visitors to use, every company who provides parking is coming under pressure to provide charging. We can provide one system that allows company vehicles to charge for free and others to pay a different tariff, working off rules set by the company.

Depot charging and commercial vehicles

AC, DC, 35km’s range per hour right up to 650km’s range in 30 minutes, whatever your infrastructure requires, we can delivery the products and the services that you need. You can also benefit from our experience of dealing with many different fleets and many different requirements and we take you through assessing your current infrastructure and upgrading it to what you require, if you require it.


Range anxiety is one of drivers biggest fears and we’ve got you covered there to with access to public chargers the length and breath of the country. If you need comprehensive cover when you’re on the road, talk to us.

Fleet Management Reporting

  • Easy home charging for fleet drivers, with direct payment to the utility company, eliminating hassle, admin, and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Complex day/night/EV tariffs accommodated 
  • Single billing for the company, saving on admin and costs.
  • Transparent reconciliation of every kWh, visible to both drivers and the company.
  • Convenient office and depot charging with detailed energy usage tracking and reporting.
  • Accessible data for ESG reporting.
  • Public charging convenience.
  • Comprehensive support for both drivers and the company.

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